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Fee Schedule

As of November 1, 2016

Other Account Fees

Return Item Fee(s)
The following fee applies to all accounts with us:
Research Fee:$25.00 per hour
The following fees apply to all of your accounts with us except Time Deposit Accounts:
Internet Banking/Bill PayerFREE
Around the Clock Banking at (859)381-8845FREE
Telephone Transfers:
(FREE through Around the Clock or Internet Banking)
$2.00 per transfer
Return Deposited Item$5.00
Bank by Mail:FREE postage-paid envelopes
The following fees apply to Checking and Money Market Accounts:
Balancing Checkbook$25.00 per hour
Stop Payment$29.00 per stop payment
AOD Paid Item Fee and Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
(AOD = Automated Overdraft)
**$29.00 per check
**$29.00 per check
Automatic Transfer Protection$5.00 per transaction
The following fees apply to Checking; Savings; and Money Market Accounts:
Receipt of Paper Statements$2.00 mo
Statement Printout:$3.00 per copy
Cut-Off Statement$7.50

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Dormant Account Fee:
Checking after 6 months; Savings after 2 years*$5.00 per statement cycle
Lost Debit Card Replacement Fee$10.00
Collection Items: Foreign$10.00 plus expenses
Early Account Closing Fee (during the 1st 6 months)$25.00
Savings Bond Redemption: Non Customer$30.00
Check OrderPrices vary with style
Tax Levy or Garnishment$75.00
MSB*** Monthly Fee$150.00
Notary Service$3.00
Coin & Currency Bag$4.00 per bag
Night Depository Bag$25.00 per bag
Cashier's Checks$6.00
Gift Cards$5.00
Wire Transfer
Foreign$30.00 plus fees
Safe Deposit Box
Late Fee$15.00
Drill BoxVariable (based on actual charge from 3rd party service provider)
Lost Key Replacement*$25.00
3 x 5 x 23 $20.00 annually
3 x 10.5 x 23$35.00 annually
5 x 10.5 x 23$55.00 annually

*Denotes Changes
** The fee applies to overdrafts and non-sufficient funds created by check, in person withdrawal, or electronic means. The maximum number of overdraft fees that we would assess is limited to 8 per day.
*** MSB represents Money Service Business