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Apply for the Bluegrass Home Equity Line of Credit
by November 15, 2017 to qualify for

Apply Today!

Bobby Jones, V.P.
MLO NMLS ID# 478795

Laura Martin, A.V.P.
MLO NMLS ID# 1407699

Kim Noble, V.P.
MLO NMLS ID# 613244

*To qualify for No Closing Costs, the new credit line request or increase must be for a minimum of $10,000 and must be secured by the borrower’s primary residence. Property insurance (and flood insurance if applicable) is not covered by the Bank and is required prior to loan closing. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on credit worthiness, qualification and collateral conditions.

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Bank NMLS# 421548

Mortgage Lending

Let Our Mortgage Specialists Take the Stress Out of Home Buying!

We have some great Mortgage Loan Programs including:

  • Conventional long term fixed rate loans
  • Adjustable rate mortgage loans
  • Government loan programs including: Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Administration (VA), Rural Housing Service (RHS)
  • Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC)
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • Jumbo loans
  • Rental property financing

In addition, we offer in-house Mortgage Loans for those who may not qualify for conventional financing. We offer:

  • Mortgage loans for primary residence and rental properties
  • Bridge loans to assist those who want to purchase a new house but have yet to sell their previous home (Variable rate, interest only due)
  • Construction loans for building or major renovation
  • Preferred Home Equity Lines of Credit
Our Local Mortgage Specialists will help you determine which program is right for you!

Loan Officers
Josh Harman, VP (859) 233-8922 MLO NMLS ID# 339904
Patrick Calloway, VP (859) 280-3848 MLO NMLS ID# 900180

Personal Loans

Whether you're buying a car, remodeling your home, or needing cash for a special occasion, a consumer loan from Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. can make your life easier.

  • New and used car loans
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Preferred Home Equity Lines of Credit
Loan Officers
Bobby Jones, VP (859) 233-8937 MLO NMLS ID#478795
Kim Noble, VP (859) 233-8935 MLO NMLS ID #613244

Bank NMLS ID#421548